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The war at home on Atlantia is raging. People are dying and the continent has been domed by a device and all are held hostage by the Blackguard. Our story continues with Kyla and Elana Blue sent to Sangelino to meet with the best surgeons as each fights for their lives. Learning what’s happened on Atlantia, Lazer and Cashton demand to return home. They are told by the Head of Tosadae they can’t return home until they complete their Rites of Passage – the last promise he made his missing mother. Lazer and Cashton leave Tosadae and travel down different paths around the globe to complete their Rite of Passage into manhood. 

On their journey will meet old enemies and make new friends, learn new powers and uncover fascinating secrets.  Their path to adulthood is treacherous and they are challenged on every front as they encounter a multitude of exciting and life threatening dangers all the while struggling to find a way back home to help win the escalating war. On Atlantia, Five, the lead Biodroid has discovered it is Lazer who bonded to the Blue Gnorb and to break that bond, Lazer must be found and killed. The global hunt for Lazer is on. While Kyla and Elana Blue are captured and drawn into the battle, the world realizes this is not just Atlantia’s battle. After over a century of peace, the Triumvirate World Leaders and Collective population accept they must gather their forces together, save Atlantia and defend humanity and destroy the Blackguard. Lazer travels under the oceans using every resource he knows and some he will learn to get home. His success and his newly found powers are his only hope to save not only his mother, his country and friends, but all human kind.