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Cashton Lock

is Lazer’s other best friend. He is older, taller, and muscular and gorgeous, with broad features and brown skin and hair the color of amber and honey. Lazer has told him he looked like a fox, always ready to start trouble. The difference is Cashton has the body and build to finish anything he starts. Cashton is a brilliant athlete, be it zoccair or crizettes. They are his strengths, but he could play any sport and win. Cashton also has a near genius IQ and his mind gives him logic and drive to invent some brilliant and far too often, some very dangerous things. He’s a little shy around girls and he’s desperate to have a relationship but hasn’t a clue how. He and Lazer are inseparable and share their greatest hopes and darkest secrets. Cashton is caught in the middle of Lazer and Kyla’s budding love between friends. He warns both Lazer and Kyla to be careful about crossing a delicate line, falling in love and ruining perfectly good friendship.