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TVQ Academy

Still reeling from Lazer’s retaliation to revenge his father’s death, Lazer, Cashton and Kyla struggle to get over the death of their friend Evvy. Lazer works unsuccessfully to repair the emotional damage their actions caused especially because it shattered Lazer and Kyla’s already fragile new love. With the authorities hunting for who was responsible for the Temple Mountain attack, a new courage swells in the hearts of the Atlantian people tired of living in fear of another murderous attack from the Biodroids.


The underground resistance has started and Lazer wants to join, but our three heroes know if their actions are traced back to them they could destroy the growing human resistance. They head off to study at Tosadae University on risen continent of Mu hoping to let things cool down. They promise to study as Peacekeeper cadets with hopes to return to Atlantia better prepared to fight the coming war. Lazer meet his greatest mentor, Masta Poe, a splicer who wrote the Visionistic Arts and discovered the lost powers of the human mind. She has begun to teach them back to those humans who are ready to learn. Her psychic powers show her that Lazer is one the most highly gifted of any human she has ever encountered. She starts his training but, his anger and need to avenge his father’s death focused against the Biodroids, blocks his abilities to connect with the Bai powers of the Universe. Lazer’s struggles to release his anger, to stop worrying about his missing mother and ignore the snatches of news telling him what horrors are happening on Atlantia. Lazer has also given the time to Kyla requested to help her heal and find a way to trust him again.


Lazer seeks comfort in the arms of the brilliant and beautiful Elana Blue only to learn it was her father who created the biodroids that killed his father and thousands of other Atlantians. The attraction between them is infectious. Lazer works hard to decipher his feeling for both Elana Blue and Kyla, without doing so, he can never evolve and accept the amazing mental and physical powers that lay just outside his grasp. Seeing Lazer and Elana Blue together ignites a jealousy in Kyla she can’t control. In an act of protectiveness, Kyla tries to teach Elana Blue a lesson and prove she is unworthy of Lazer’s love and devotion. It goes horribly wrong. Lazer saves the day, but both Kyla and Elana Blue are left at deaths door fighting to stay alive while on the other side of the world The Atlantian War erupts.