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Kyla Wingright

is one of Lazer’s oldest friend. Kyla is tough, smart, and pretty—almost beautiful, but not quite, not yet. She is a second-generation splicer, with what looks like fine, multiple, flesh-colored marks around her eyes. The delicate markings trace almost imperceptible down her neck and arms and match the flesh wings she tries so hard to keep hidden. Her strange, intricate markings are the only visible sign that she is not all human. Here natural abilities to the Visionistic arts make her even more special. Kyla has been viciously bullied because of her splicer differences, but Lazer has always been there to defend and protect her. Kyla has been in Love with Lazer since the first day they met in the 6th grade. She came to her feeling long before he did and has remained silent, fearful of destroying their friendship. She represses her feelings not suspecting Lazer too is awakening to this wondrous change taking him from friendship into first love.  Just when the truth of their mutual attraction blossoms, their world erupts in a series of tragedies  as destiny calls with a voice that cannot be ignored. Being part Splicer, Kyla has many natural abilities in energetic field manipulation that fall under the mysterious Visionistic Arts. She too has been accepted to Tosadae as well as every major university. Her single mom is struggling with the hefty tuition, but Kyla insists she’s going where Lazer goes. She hopes things will work out for all the right and the wrong reasons.