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FX 88

 FX-88 LIGHT TRACER – Used by the Titanium Angels Politia Peacekeeping forces, the FX-88 is the finest in aerodynamic architecture.  A single and dual seat supersonic fighter with two 15,876 kg (35,000lb) Pratt & Whitney FX2000-P-10,000 turbofans with a max speed of 4679 m/h, service ceiling 40,0012 m(130,000ft) and combat radius 2430Km (1600miles).  It can travel at Mach 5.  The FX-88s run on a mixture of deuterium and Helium-3, which is made to self-collide in the engine’s cylinders.  Unlike the H-bomb fuel mixing deuterium and tritium, which releases neutrons in a nuclear reaction, deuterium-helium-3 is neutron-free or aneutronic fuel, eliminating the need for a radiation shield.  The FX-88 utilizes a dual, micro-accelerator system and runs off of Migmatic rotating thrusters for vertical take-off and landing.  The FX-88 comes equipped with a self-contained, deuterium force-field defense shield and D-T heat-point, rapid-fire Phaser/blasters as well as dual, antinuclear-impulse missiles used for molecular-matter displacement.