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born in 100 A.Q. (After Quakes) in Vacary, one of the early settlements that populated the risen continent of Atlantia, to Detra and Rand Lazerman.  Cole Lazerman, Lazer to his friends and family, is seventeen, handsome, and boyishly charming, with a thick head of dark, rebellious curls. He has piercing electric eyes. There, in the western territories, Lazer grew up in a small, Helium-3 mining town where life was tediously predictable, fraught with bullies, salvaged by best friends and first hint of love. About to turn eighteen-years-old, Lazer wants nothing more than to get off this rock that had risen in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and find his dream as a fighter pilot for the elite Titanium Angels. He had been accepted into Tosadae University, the global equivalent of a futuristic Annapolis on earth’s other risen continent, Mu. The university is constructed in and around  magnificent buildings left by earths first inhabitants, the Celians. Lazer got Ace pilot status and an invitation to study the Visionistic Arts under the renowned Masta Poe. Lazer is handsome, smart, aggressive, angry and competitive.   Still in high school, his friendship with best friends Cashton and Kyla Wingright has been all that keeps him going each day. Kyla, a local splicer, has suddenly grown into a beautiful young woman and they friendship theaters on the first breath of  love. Fate turns on them and brings a series of life changing challenge that might well thwart any chance at love and all hope for joy,