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Deborah M Pratt
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Writer/Director/Producer: Quantum Leap, Airwolf, Vision Quest, Age of Eve. Proud mother of Troian and Nick. Time traveler extraordinaire.
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 FX-88 LIGHT TRACER – Used by the Titanium Angels Politia Peacekeeping forces, the FX-88 is the finest in aerodynamic architecture.  A single and dual seat supersonic fighter with two 15,876 kg (35,000lb) Pratt & Whitney FX2000-P-10,000 turbofans with a max speed of 4679 m/h, service......

The mission control room at JPL is considered the nerve center of exploration into deep space. I had the opportunity to go there while researching hard science for “The Vision Quest” and I really understood how much science fact has a place in science fiction.......

THE BLACK GUARD – Made with state of the art nano technology, utilizing viral and human DNA spliced amino acids and combined with A I (artificial intelligence) robotics, the Black Guard were created as the first non-human military machine.  As A I Biodroids they possess......

 A genetically enhanced blend of rat and spider, these creatures have eight spidery legs and a hideous face that resembles the perfect blend of a rat and a spider.  Aggressive and dangerous, they range in size from a man’s fist to about the size of......