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A number of you have asked me to share the Knowings that reflect back into the Point of Light Theory.


You and the entire universe are made up of the same source energy. That powerful source coexists simultaneously both inside you in this physical world and across all the other dimensions that exist in the universe. They energetic source, outside of what you are currently able to perceive. Is as real as you and I. The core of source energy exists as two emotions:  love and hate. Our ability to achieve things within these two emotions will dictate the definitions of what you manifest into your life. That is why in Pratering is so important. I ask that you practice it daily and you will see all things you achieved through love will sustain and empower you and those through hate with drain and destroy you for it is through hate that humans need to drain the energy of others to survive.


You have begun the process of sitting and focusing you mind into a Point of Light that starts first inside of you. I have asked you to imagine traveling inside yourself an energetic entity separate from your ego as a definitive, focused line of energy that gather inside your body and take you to your core place. Now, imagine yourself as pure light. Choose a color and raise you vibrations until you begin to glow with the power of brilliant, source energy. Focus it as you travel first into a line and then, when you reach your place of power, let it gather into a glowing, growing, single point of infinite light. Again, it is extremely important that you come from a place of love. Your ability to move to a place of great power must only be through and from a place of great love. Existing in a state of love is what our ultimate goal must be. Only then can you attain bliss. Bliss is the state of BAI from which all good is manifested and all things are possible.


REMEMBER, as humans on this amazing planet Earth you have been given free will and free will allows us, at any time, to choose between love and hate.


At this time in history our world is filled with an enormous amount of hate and all hate, as I see it, is governed by fear. Some of us have been placed in a state of fear by religions and governments looking to control out minds and our bodies. We each must remember how to return to our core, source energy and through it we must constantly re-empower ourselves into a state of love.


First alone, then as a collective, there are things we must gather to do. As a collective consciousness must learn to remember the powers time has allowed us to forget were ours by birth.

I speak of the great Knowing of humankind. The Knowings are part of all, human, genetic inheritance. They are based inside our human instincts to care, to love and to survive. “We are at our best when things are at their worst” it was once said.


Our firs basic powers are the ones most intrinsic and present. They rest in our ability to look at am entity and read their auras. The energetic light they give off from with in. Aura reading has been lost to many of you, but if you pay attention to the feelings that swell in you when you encounter conscious energetic matter; other beings, plants, rocks, places, bodies of water… and allow yourself to feel what these give off. Is it kindness or trust, anger, danger, hate, love? When we encounter another person, too often we ignore how they make us feel. There are instincts about the person, place or thing connecting and communicating to them and back to you. Those feelings are always burning inside of you.  You must learn to feel the energy exchange as vibrates that surge through us whenever we walk up to and then again away from a person, place or thing. That can be face to face or even a conversation during an digital communication over the vybernet. If we become conscious enough to allow ourselves to take a moment and reflect into our feelings we will connect with our genetic Knowings and experience the good or bad energy that we encountered. Think about what happens immediately after an engage someone. What does your body do; get a chill, tense up, relax, want to run awat, want to get closer to that person? What does you heart or even your stomach tell you? Your heart will most always tell you if that person is honest, loving, kind and what they have shared with you is truthful and good or that they are deceiving or dangerous. Your job is to be still, listen and trust what your senses are telling you.

If you encounter an animal, whether domesticated or wild, they always have the ability to perceive if you are dangerous or friendly. By your energy, then by sight and smell, they know you inner heart and will let you know immediately how they feel about you.

Now it’s your turn to find the quiet place in your heart – the place where the Knowing lie at the point of light that is your greatest power source. I ask you to go inside and explore the vastness that is your universal self. Allow your thoughts to travel to that center most place, whereever it exists for you. Now, imagine that place as a Point of Light; as a field condensed into a singular energetic force. Be there, present and aware. Exist, in a state of pure bliss, where all your abilities must start; physical, mental and metaphysical.


There are many paths; prayers, meditation, watching a film, studying a picture or painting, listing to a story reading a book. As you read, watch or listen, become the world around you; present, and focused. Relax and forget what you have been taught by society. Allow yourself to connect into the universal self and being to remember genetically all the things you know that are intricate to your immortal humanity. This concept at this moment in time may seem incredibly foreign to you. That’s okay. Trust the impossible and believe it to be possible. Manifest your imagination into reality. It may seem frightening because it goes against what you have been taught, but the letters that spell fear stand for FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL.


The fact that we exist, or perceive that we exist, in three dimensions is just that, perception. The fact that we, as a collective consciousness of 7 billion people, have been taught to believe that only what is experienced through our five senses is all that is real or can ever be real. That belief hinders our imagination and our evolution.  This repression has and will always limit us. Holding onto fear is what held us back for milliniums from discovering and capturing fire, taking flight, creating modes of transportation that could take us to the bottom of the sea or out into distant space. There is a long list of technology and knowledge that include all the things that now exist because someone had the courage and the tenacity to imagine them into reality. Add the power of controlled energetic force to that and the next evolution of human kind is with in your reach.


Let go of the limitations that only the reality experienced through our senses is all that is real. If we don’t release this fallacy as individuals and as a collective consciousness, we will continue to be controlled by a small group of very powerful people with a very specific agenda.


In this next evolution of humankind, this spiritually based, energetic force field that emanates from within each and every being on this planet will be released. We will one again collectively remember how to reconnect with universal source energy at will. It is imperative that each and every one of us understands that we connected to everything in the universe and that we are deeply and profoundly connected to each other.


This amazing planet we have chosen to come to, is paradise.

We are energetic beings who have chosen to experience through our physical senses, emotions and sensations, human life.

Throughout history our imaginations have opened worlds to us that we instinctively desire to enter. We do a version of it in many ways – through books and stories, music, art and film. Someone’s imagination challenges our reality and asks us to suspend our belief. This suspension of belief is a deeper opportunity to a pathway into our next evolution.


As an example, Books are an opportunity to step into the imagination of another person. In some ways entertainment can be a key to our individual and collective ability to travel in time. They take us into a possible future through science fiction. They take us into alternate universes through fantasy. They take us into the past following the documented histories of our people who lived on our planet.

So many of you have forgotten how not only to imagine but to take the next step beyond imagination. That first step allows us to transform ourselves and travel inside the words of a book or the visuals stories told on film. I know that the characters and story allow you to coexist through an emotional state with the book, film, song or picture.  Those who visually allow themselves to be projected into the world the writer or filmmaker has created experience a deep level of communication and in doing so release time.


I ask you to go one step further. Imagine yourself traveling across time, linear or parallel, and using your own self-created energy as vibrations. This is energy that exists inside your natural rhythms. They allow you to shift your collective molecules through the boundaries of the first four dimensions, the walls of thought that hold back. What if you could break those bonds and shift into the 5th and 6th dimensions and beyond. We must each remember there have there been countless manifestations of powers that go far beyond the realm of what we accept as natural reality. These paranormal realities, these abilities that reach beyond the accepted norm, have within them the seed to shift reality as we know it, to end hunger, thirst, greed, hatred, fear and lift us individually and collectively into a better reality. This reality would be our paradise rather than our destruction. We must all imagine better to achieve it. We all must imagine on a planet wide, conscious altering level and understand that the day is approaching when we will be asked to shift our thoughts away of fear, hatred and greed and into a state of bliss and love because in bliss, all things are possible.  This is only the beginning. Go in Light.